A voice and a message

Posted 7/30/20

Several years ago, local music talent Jennifer Pisarcik sang “O Holy Night” at a Christmas concert at the Mineola First Christian Church. In the audience was a woman who was visiting from Georgia.

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A voice and a message


Several years ago, local music talent Jennifer Pisarcik sang “O Holy Night” at a Christmas concert at the Mineola First Christian Church. In the audience was a woman who was visiting from Georgia.

The next year, at the same concert, the woman from Georgia sought out Pisarcik after the performance. She explained that she had returned again this year with her young granddaughter so that her granddaughter could hear a perfect rendition of “O Holy Night.”

This anecdote illustrates the power of a voice which has, perhaps, perfect tonality. Pisarcik’s voice has been described as crystalline. It is singularly exquisite.

There is no explanation for the quality of Pisarcik’s voice. Yes, she admits that classical music training played a role in developing her voice, but she adds, “It’s simply my voice, I can’t change it, it just flows out of me.”

Pisarcik explained that her voice has been the source of great inner joy since she was a child growing up in Hainesville. A loving upbringing in the family of Wanda and Jeff Dubbs set the environment for her to develop her talent. Her father worked for the Salesmanship Youth Camp in Hawkins while her mother operated, and still operates, a cleaning business.

Her parents never pushed her, she explained, they just set an environment which allowed her to discover and nurture her talent.

“I first recognized that something was different about my voice while singing at the First United Methodist Church in Mineola,” she stated. She explained that everyone in the extended family had an ear for music. She specifically noted that her father not only had an excellent singing voice but was a very talented whistler.

Pisarcik paused and wondered aloud if the ability to whistle had a direct correlation to voice tonality and purity. 

Music became central to her life all through school.

A 2004 graduate of Mineola High School – and former Miss Mineola – she received multiple awards for her singing and her talent playing the French horn. She was in high demand to add her voice to events ranging from weddings to funerals and everything in between. 

Following a brief stint at Tyler Junior College, the young talent continued her music studies at Baylor University.     

Throughout it all, Pisarcik became aware of the effect her voice may have on people.

About singing she admitted, “I love it so much that I cannot not do it.”

She explained that if done properly, singing can make others feel what the singer feels, and the singer can garner the same in return. 

The sense of connection may have had its start early in Pisarcik’s life through her sister Tamira. 

Tamira Fay Dubbs was born into the family in 1983 with life-altering conditions of cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. Through the love, patience and care of the Dubbs family, she lived 29 years.

Pisarcik treasured the bond and love that only sisters can understand.

“Tamira could only communicate through subtle facial expressions,” she explained, “and I could sing to her.”

She recounted that she learned many things from her late sister, especially about the power of expression and the power of silence. 

That relationship spurred Pisarcik’s very first moment of songwriting creativity.

“It just started to come to me in a rush,” she explained, “I had to scramble for paper and a pen.”

The result of that first creative storm was the song “That’s How We Came,” a vocal tribute to Tamira. 

Once touched by the spark of creativity, Pisarcik knew that songwriting was to be an equal partner to singing in her life. She maintains a regular schedule of week-long work trips to Nashville to collaborate in musical production. 

These collaborative sessions are in addition to a Texas-based singing career with a regular gig and a variety of one-of-a-kind performances. Admittedly an “old soul,” Pisarcik’s vinyl collection includes over 1,500 albums. She is hard-pressed to name a favorite performer, but many on her list possess especially unique voices. 

While in Waco, the performer met and married Kyle Pisarcik. Kyle works as a launch pad engineer with SpaceX. Together they enjoy a small farm outside the city. 

Kyle is quick to point out the incredible motivation and hard work which characterizes everything Jennifer undertakes. They both expressed just how taxing the music business is.   

Pisarcik leverages Instagram and Facebook to keep people abreast of her career. There you will see many familiar scenes as her music videos often feature Mineola as a backdrop. 

In a virus-free world, she normally conducts a seasonal singing tour through the surrounding area in the early winter months. 

Pisarcik offered some hopeful words to young vocalists.

“Recognize the potential joy you can bring to others,” she remarked, “and make it a little piece of heaven.” She added in closing, “be thankful and gracious.”