Alba City Council OKs RV park ordinance


By Staff Reporter

The Alba City Council unanimously enacted a comprehensive recreational vehicle and RV park ordinance at last Monday’s council meeting after a citizen committee researched and shaped the ordinance.

The citizen committee was formed during last month’s council meeting.

The vast majority of the ordinance discusses requirements for RV parks, and limits residency to six consecutive months in any 12-month period. Should a RV exceed the six months, it must be removed from the park, and not be returned for 60 days.

Community members who use a RV for permanent residence are obligated by the new ordinance to comply with certain measures within three years. Those requirements are that all wheels must be removed and the RV skirted, all plumbing connections must be hard-piped underground to within 10 feet and the RV must be serviced by its own power pole and meter. For non-permanent occupancy use, a RV may be placed at a residence in a side or rear yard and may be used for occupancy no more than 30 days in a 12-month period.

A healthy discussion regarding ordinance codification ensued as the council weighed advantages and disadvantages of contracting an ordinance codification legal firm, or continuing to use a committee to update each city ordinance. Two codification firms, American Legal Publishing of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Franklin Legal Publishing of Lubbock, have submitted bids to conduct codification. The use of a committee and/or the contracting of a firm is expected to be decided as an action item at the July meeting.

The council discussed at length the disappointing number of participants at this year’s Wild Hog Festival. Despite good weather, live music, great concessions and children’s activities the turnout was less than hoped. The aging population of Alba, competition with the Winnsboro Rodeo and a lack of advertising were all believed to have impacted this year’s event. Changes for upcoming festivals are anticipated, including incorporation of the Fire Department’s annual fish fry.

The council unanimously approved the hiring of Jacob Hass as a summer temp to work in the water and maintenance department. Hass is related, but not closely, to Mayor Sonny Hass. Also without objection the council approved the funding of travel time for employees attending required certification training.

New council member Robert Kraemer and council members Larry Jones and Tammy Kirkpatrick swore their oaths of office for their upcoming terms on the council. Mayor Hass and Council Members Marja Heinert and Larry Jones joined them for a full council in attendance.


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