Alba-Golden ISD scores a “B” grade



Alba-Golden ISD received its state accountability rating from the Texas Education Agency Aug. 15.

This year, the agency used a new rating system for districts, using an A-F system.  Alba-Golden received an overall score of 87 and an overall rating of “B.”

Superintendent Dwayne Ellis states, “Although the grading system for districts across the state is not always fair in terms of how it rates districts, we have the best and most qualified teachers who care, first and foremost, about the value of each individual child as well as their education. Our district will continue to work together to not only improve our test scores, but also to improve the life of every student who comes through our doors.”

The secondary campus received distinctions in “Post Secondary Readiness” and in “Academic Achievement in Science.”

The secondary campuses received an overall “B” rating with a “B” in student achievement, “A” in academic growth (student progress) and a “B” in closing the gap.

The elementary campus recorded an overall “D” score with a “C” in student achievement, “D” academic growth and “F” in closing the gap.

In reviewing the elementary results, Principal Kevin Wright said, “The state has set the bar high. We see the areas that we need to grow in and as a campus we look forward to meeting those challenges and reaching our goals this year. We have terrific kids, great support from parents and some of the most caring and hardworking teachers you’ll find anywhere.”

Secondary principals, Michael Mize in high school and Brandon Bohannan in junior high, were pleased with the results on the secondary campus but want to continue to strive for improvement throughout this next year. The secondary knows the areas which need to improve and are confident the teachers and staff are up for the challenge to get to an “A.”