Anti-bullying program in Yantis


Every child needs a hero, but they should also learn how to be one by acting with kindness and understanding. To help a few along this path, the Pilot Club of Quitman has sponsored an anti-bullying program for Yantis ISD elementary. These students will benefit from an audio course presented at the school that consists of a year-long series of two-minute audio presentations introduced via the school intercom system.

The Beginning of a Hero™ series, by The Character Network, portrays a wide variety of realistic scenarios that can happen in everyday student life. Through these stories, students hear about personal responsibility, developing personal vision, and how to build positive relationships. These lessons also serve as a powerful and proactive anti-bullying program. Woven throughout, are tales of famous heroes that have overcome daunting childhood difficulties to achieve success, such as The Wright Brothers, Condoleezza Rice, Roberto Clemente, and even Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney.

In addition to the programs to be played at school, the subscription purchased by the Pilot Club offers reinforcing online resources for students and parents to use at home. These are accessible by entering a member code, which is available from school administrators.

“Our club has a long history of supporting our local children with their educational goals through scholarships, safety concerns via a comprehensive safety program presented to elementary-aged children, and even with basic provisions via backpack programs and through gifts to the child welfare board. This gift is just an extension of that, and we could not think of a better time to introduce it.”, said Debbie Robinson, President of the Pilot Club of Quitman.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Research shows that by training school staff and students in prevention, and by talking about it and offering consistent messages, bullying instances can be greatly reduced over time. It’s also proven that a culture of kindness is one of the most significant contributors to achieve a safe and welcoming campus.

About this gift, Tracey Helfferich, Principal of Imogene Glenn Elementary School said, “At Yantis ISD we work hard each day to build a culture that supports our student’s ability to achieve their personal best. This program has the potential to help do that by proactively addressing areas that could negatively impact a healthy learning environment. We are delighted to receive this timely gift on behalf of our students.”


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