Arboretum plans bare root tree sale


Winter may have a grip on the temperatures, but the Wood County Arboretum in Quitman is offering a way to fight the cool weather gardening blues: a tree sale. 

The popular bare root tree sale is tentatively set to kick off at 8 a.m. on Feb. 27 and again on March 7, featuring an array of mostly native types that tend to grow well in East Texas.

Sale dates could change due to weather conditions, with updates posted on the arboretum’s website and through Facebook

“It’s very satisfying to find trees that aren’t generally available, like the buckeyes, cherrybark oak and the roughleaf dogwood,” said Lin Grado, garden manager. “The trees offered in our sale are good choices for this area. Most benefit wildlife, whether it is providing food for birds or serving as a host plant for caterpillars to bring butterflies into the garden.”

And, she added, “Besides, who wouldn’t want to buy a shrub called a wahoo?”

The year-old seedlings are offered at bargain prices: $3 each or two for $5, mix and match. Members have the option to pre-order through the arboretum’s website. 

Memberships start at $25 per year. For more information, visit

Trees featured in this year’s sale are expected to include bald cypress, black cherry, blackgum (Tupelo), blackhaw (rusty blackhaw viburnum), cherrybark oak, chinkapin oak, eastern wahoo (burningbush), false indigo, flowering dogwood, gray dogwood (non-native), loblolly pine, post oak, red buckeye, redbud, roughleaf dogwood, shortleaf pine (featured in the arboretum), Texas buckeye (white blooms), white fringetree (grancy graybeard), white oak, pawpaw and river birch.

The annual bare root tree sale is one of many projects offered throughout the year at the arboretum, a 23-acre garden venue that also features a walking trail, theme gardens, tribute plantings and monarch way station. 

The arboretum is located at 175 Governor Hogg Parkway. 

For more information about the venue or ways to help, visit Information is also available by phone at 430-235-5461 or email