Are we the fairer sex?


I wonder how many other people are such creatures of habit as I? I am realizing just how much so in a variety of ways. My weekday mornings couldn’t be accomplished without a regular routine.

As I poured coffee grounds out of my cup at work, I realized I messed up making the coffee more times than I’d like to admit. It usually starts with something that gets me out of the routine. As I let my puppy drink the last milk from my bowl, I usually put water in the coffee pot. Then I step around her, she’s directly in front of the sink lapping milk, and get the coffee filter, coffee in the filter and voila. I hit the on button and am in mid-step, and complete mindset, to the next task. But this morning the coffee pot was with the clean dishes, and I grabbed for the filter and did that part first. Even as I did it, the thought flashed through my mind that I’ll probably do something wrong with this change in routine. Back into the kitchen I went to fill my to-go cup and, to my aggravation, saw it had only made a small amount. It was because I’d forgotten to put the top, also on the stack of clean dishes, on the coffee pot. Oh well, what coffee I did get was very concentrated.


Have you ever heard one of the successful women on television, I think it’s either Suzi Ormond or Barbara Corcoran, talk about being able to tell the state of a woman’s life by the state of what’s in her purse? I’m not really sure what she would say about mine. Recently I found in the depths of my very large purse a small resealable baggie containing something completely not recognizable. No fooling, this was a puzzlingly-gross looking substance much like one might find after something has been in the refrigerator for a very long time. I had to laugh when I remembered, prior to the birth of our grandson several weeks ago, I had packed “grandma bag” type things for potentially long pre-delivery wait. Those hours didn’t happen and he came into this work much sooner than expected. That snack size bag had once contained what had been in solid form, celery. All I can say is thank goodness it was sealed!


I was fascinated to see on Fox News one evening last week Tucker Carlson discussing the theory that the emphasis on girls’ education and rights is creating a deficit of attention to boys in the same areas. Author Christina Hoff Sommers has written “The War Against Boys,” examining how young men are at risk due to this. For a mom of two sons and now two grandsons this has caught my attention and it sounds like a book I want to read. There are so many variables, but it is worthy of our attention. While we work to right wrongs for girls, and pay disparities in the work world, we need to be cautious of tipping the scale against the boys too. Moving up - stepping up in the world - doesn’t have to mean stepping on others to achieve this.


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