Bradshaw celebrates 100 years


Gene Bradshaw turned 100 years old on December 1. Sitting in his room at Wood Memorial Home in Mineola, with pictures of his family surrounding him, it’s easy to see that he’s lived a full and happy life.

Bradshaw remembers hearing on the radio when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, and knew he would be leaving. He and his three brothers were all drafted to serve during World War Two.

He spent three years as an Army Supply Quartermaster in the Philippines and Japan before coming home heartbroken and bitter.

“I don’t like to talk about the war,” he says.

Bradshaw married Maxine Pumroy on Jan. 8, 1947, and together they had a son and daughter whom he’s very proud. He ran a successful dry-cleaning business for 30 years. Now, he says he just feels old.

“I can’t walk, but my mind is pretty good,” says Bradshaw with a soft-spoken voice and a gentle smile.