Brewington twins hope to impact ladies hoops this season


For most people seeing a pair of twins play a sport together is normal, however the Brewington twins, at Mineola High School are unique because many people don’t even know they’re twins at all.

Sophomores Kelsey and Meghan Brewington are fraternal twins which make them slightly different from one another. These differences are not only shown in their appearance but also in their personalities and their on-court abilities.

Kelsey was born just a minute before Meghan and they each play a variety of sports together. Both girls compete in volleyball, basketball and track. When asked what’s their preferred sport, Meghan quickly said basketball.

“In basketball I get to use my speed and my aggressiveness. I’m smaller so that helps with my speed on defense,” Meghan said.

Kelsey then responded saying, “I like volleyball a little more, I think my skills are better suited for volleyball when it comes to hitting.”

During this basketball season in which the Lady Jackets are now 10-6, with a 1-0 start in district, the Brewingtons have played a big role in helping the Lady Jackets this season. Meghan has played the role as a back-up point guard off the bench, who also helps Mineola tremendously in their full-court pressing defense.

Kelsey who has started and come off the bench this season has been one of the team’s best three-point shooters. Kelsey’s found a lot of her success when teams play a zone defense or key in on leading scorer Sabria Dean.

Both the twins feel that the experience of playing without Dean early this season allowed other players – themselves included – to gain more confidence in themselves.

“Coach Riley is always telling us that ‘Sabria isn’t our only player’ so while she was injured Cyndi (Butler) and me and others had to step up and now that she’s (Dean) back we’re a better team overall,” Meghan said.

First-year girls varsity Head Coach Tony Riley has been a big influence on the improved play of the Lady Jackets this season and one of the biggest reasons both twins believe the team has improved has been their overall style of play.

Riley said one of the best qualities about the twins is that they always give their best effort. “Both twins bring a lot of hustle and heart. Every time they step on the floor they give me everything they’ve got,” Riley said.

Both players said Riley’s affect on the team’s mindset has been a huge part of the team’s early success.

“This year we’ve done a lot of running, we run all the time so it’s definitely helped our team’s conditioning. And another reason we’ve played better has been our up-tempo style, we press a lot more now and try to force the other teams to be uncomfortable on offense,” Kelsey said.

“Our main goal right now is to win the district and make it to the state playoffs,” both twins said.

Any sports fan would notice that many times twins have a special connection with each other on the court and the Brewington twins are no different.

“Most of the time I know where she is on the floor and she knows where I’ll be. It’s really cool because we even sometimes can communicate with each other without having to say a word,” Meghan said.

The only drawback both girls said comes from being a twin who you play sports with, is that there’s not a lot of free time to yourself and people get your names mixed up.

“We usually know when the other twin is upset or needs space so we just try to avoid them for a while but we love each other and nothing will change that,” Kelsey said.

Meghan and Kelsey hope their connection on and off the court continues to improve this season as the Lady Jackets will need both players to continue their solid play if they want to remain in the top spot in the district. While the Brewingtons have proved to be two of the best athletes on campus one of the most impressive things about them is that they’ve also excelled in the classroom.

“They are tremendous off the floor, both are straight-A students and just really great kids,” Riley said.

The Lady Jackets will be back in action a week from today as they travel to face the Malakoff Tigers, tip-off is set for 12:30 p.m. Both teams will still be out of school so all games have been moved to the early afternoon.


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