City of Mineola to go ahead with annual July 4 fireworks display


The city of Mineola will go ahead with a fireworks show on the Fourth of July – assuming such activities are still allowed.

The city council voted Monday to hold the event at its usual location at the Mineola Civic Center.

But it will not include any related activities, as festival type events have not yet been approved.

The council discussed whether to hold the event at the Mineola Nature Preserve since it would allow for easier social distancing.

But in a unanimous vote the council decided the traditional site would be best, as many residents around the area also watch from their yards or bring RVs to the civic center.

Council member Polly Jones expressed concerns about fireworks disturbing the preserve’s wildlife.

City Manager Mercy Rushing said the city usually seeks private donations to help fund the fireworks display which costs about $5,000.

She said the money for the show is in the city budget, and the city will not be soliciting donations, which normally raise about $4,000.

There had been concern about the fireworks distributor being able to secure materials for the normal show, but Fire Marshal David Madsen said he received late word that the city should be able to have a show comparable to recent years.