Commissioners ratify county disaster declaration


Wood County commissioners unanimously ratified the disaster declaration Judge Lucy Hebron issued last Friday. 

Emergency Management Coordinator Tully Davidson said, “The declaration is good for seven days. What we are asking today is your approval to extend the disaster declaration. In line with this with the order of the governor, the expiration time is the same as to whatever he does, whether he extends it or shortens it, whatever he does. It does take effect immediately after this meeting.”

Hebron added, “This is also something that probably on an administrative basis we have to do in order to qualify or apply for reimbursement for federal and local funds that might be issued for disaster relief.” 

The declaration gives the county judge authority to take any and all necessary and extraordinary measures to mitigate the effects of this public health emergency and to facilitate the efficient, rapid and cooperative response to the emergency throughout Wood County. It further states if commissioners are unable to convene, the court may conduct the meeting via telephone. The location shall, whether the court members are physically present or if via telephone, be the Wood County courthouse court room.

In another matter, commissioners approved a resolution for a donation for repairs to the docks at Lake Holbrook.

“Every year we do a fund raiser with the Friends of Lake Holbrook. The money goes back through the association and they always do different projects,” Precinct 2 Commissioner Jerry Gaskill said. “The association has agreed to a certain amount of money and I will take the rest out of my budget.”

The donation from the Friends of Lake Holbrook is $3,227. In a letter, Friends of Lake Holbrook President Greg Hollen said, “We are collaborating with County Commissioner Gaskill to help defray the costs on this project.”