Council tables park ranger discussion to allow present staff to seek position


A new park ranger at Jim Hogg City Park sparked conversation at the Quitman Council meeting last Thursday evening.

The council decided not to act on hiring a new ranger.

City employee Robby Clanton is serving in the position, but he is planning on stepping down as ranger in the near future. The ranger position reports to Streets and Maintenance Director Walter Lutonsky. “Before we go posting the job, we need to let our folks (city employees) know it might be a possibility for one of them,” Mayor Randy Dunn said.

Council member Susan Resnik commented, “We need to do some research and take another month looking at it.” The item was tabled.

Just a few of the ranger’s duties include picking up trash daily; cleaning restrooms twice a week or more if needed; checking playground equipment to assure proper operation and condition on a daily basis; keeping all sidewalks clean; maintaining and watering grass in the park and RV park; assisting in operation of RV park after-hours and on weekends; trimming hedges, weeding flower beds, mowing grass, weed-eating, picking up limbs, raking leaves and other yard maintenance as needed; and sweeping and cleaning pavilion on a weekly basis or more often as needed for events.

The council approved a retainage fee of $7,500 for work done by 7H Construction Company. The request for the retainage fee by 7H representative Allen Ross was for work done on the 12” water lines and ground storage tank project.

The council approved an inter-local agreement with Wood County to provide specialized mowing equipment and labor to mow areas inaccessible to city equipment.