District judge’s race leads early campaign spending


Spending in three Wood County political races has topped $15,000, according to campaign reports filed Jan. 15.

The reports cover spending and contributions through Dec. 31.

The race for district judge has incumbent Jeff Fletcher with expenses of $13,991 and challenger Brad McCampbell at $9,419.

For district attorney, Angela Albers has spent $12,515 to retain the post to which she was appointed a year ago while challenger Jodi Cox has spent $3,711.

The four-way sheriff’s race includes challenger Kelly Cole with expenses totaling $9,034. James Schaffner has spent $2,630, incumbent Tom Castloo $2,186 and Callie Lawrence $1,531.

Incumbent Gary Dixon has spent $2,583 to retain his Precinct 3 constable post while challenger John McQueen reports expenses of $4,122. For Precinct 1 constable the incumbent, Steve Bowser, has no expenses as of Dec. 31 and challenger Billy Hill reports spending $504.

For Precinct 1 commissioner incumbent Virgil Holland Jr. spent $762 and challengers J.R. Douglas $3,220 and Keith Gilbreath $891.

All are candidates in the March 3 Republican primary.

The following donors have given at least $250 to a candidate.

Top fundraiser so far has been Albers for district attorney. She has taken in $19,402. Albers has collected $1,050 from Doug and Georgia Cameron; $1,050 Rodney Watkins; $500 Mark and Pamela Taylor; $500 Joey Fenlaw; $500 F.R.“Buck” Files; $500 Brad Wilson/Wilson Law Firm; $500 Troy and Debbie Robinson; $500 from Gaylord T. Hughey, Jr.; $300 Benny and Carolyn Albers; $300 Matthew and Haili George; $300 Brad and Dawn McCampbell; $250 Hubert and Claudia Martin; $250 Tim and Celia Boswell; $250 J.H. Herlocker; $250 Michael and Pamela Jones; $250 Hubert and Claudia Martin; $250 Debra Myers; $250 Ardis and Catherine Mitchell; $250 Shane Mitchell; $250 Kirk and Lisa Pittard; $250 Robert and Lara Tafel. The use of Eagles Landing, costing the campaign $6,800 was donated by Tricia Carver, and Jenica Turner donated $301.30 for a promo basket.

Cox has taken in $3,600. Roper and White donated $1,000; Sarah Bailey King $500; Sarah Doke $300; Johnny Sherill $300; and James Paul Wheeler, Patricia Wheeler, Greg Bowen, Joanna Bowen, Cory Sanders and Ronnie Stapleton each donated $250.

For district judge, Fletcher received $1,000 from both Robert Wilson and the Wilson Law Firm. Donating $725.31 was Greg Bowen and donating $500 each were Laura Adair, J.H. Herlocker, Ronnie Stapleton and Johnny Sherrill.   

Donating $1,000 to McCampbell were Dharla Cook Bennett, George Boswell, Thomas Keenan, John McCatee, Holly Massey and Cara Thompson. James Link donated $500.

For sheriff, Castloo has collected donations of $3,450. Donating to Castloo’s campaign have been Ronnie Stapleton $1,000; and with $500 donations were Paul Horton Jr., James Herlocker, and Lou Steele. Donating $400 was James Buddy Huff.

Cole has received $6,500. He has three donations of $1,500 each from Joan Wallace, Glenn Hanner and Tricia Carver. Donating $1,000 was J.R. Evans, and Beverly Gunn gave $300. Lawrence reported total contributions of $175, and Schaffner reported no donations.   

In the race for Precinct 3 constable, Dixon has reported no donations while McQueen has reported $4,155 in donations. Donations to McQueen over $250 have been $640 from Shane Lakes and $400 each from Terry Waren, Ava McQueen and Greg Bowen. 

In the race for Precinct 1 constable, Bowser reported no donations, and Hill reported total contributions of $200.

In the race for Precinct 1 commissioner, Holland and Gilbreath did not report any donations. Douglas has collected $2,875 including $1,000 from James Buerger; $1,000 from Thomas Keenan; and $300 each from James Michael Link and J. Barrett Reese. 

Candidates running unopposed are Kelly Smith for Wood County constable Precinct 2 and Wood County Tax Assessor-Collector Carol Taylor.

Campaign finance reports are available to the public from the Wood County Elections Office in the new annex just southwest of the courthouse, other than district judge, which come from the state ethics commission.

The next reports are due Feb. 3 for the period Jan. 1-23.