Filing period for local election spots starts Jan. 17


The timeframe to file for office in the upcoming May elections is approaching for local government bodies including city councils and school boards.

The timeframe to file for begins next Wednesday (Jan. 17) and continues through Friday, Feb. 16.

Positions up for reelection in Mineola include three city council positions. Those positions are currently held by Sue Jones, Ward 1; Jayne Lankford, Ward 2 and Novada Bigham, Ward 3. On the school board, the positions of Board President Regan Brandon and Jill Quiambao are up for reelection.

On the Quitman City Council, the positions of Kevin Gilbreath, Susan Resnik and Jack Robinson are up for reelection. For Quitman School Board, the positions of Royce Patterson, Michael Hipp and Jeremy Smith are up for reelection.

The Yantis City Council sees the positions of Kenneth Kincaid, Reed Gammill and Betty Jenkins. On the Yantis School Board, the positions of James Van Winkle, Jeff Quinn and Stacy Wetzel are up for reelection.

On the Alba City Council, three alderman positions - those held by Tammy Kirkpatrick, Larry Jones and Jonathan Mize - are up for reelection. Alba-Golden School Board members’ Mike Ragsdale’s and Joe Carr’s positions are up for reelection.

Hawkins city government sees the position of Mayor Howard Coquat, as well as council seats for Place 1, Sherry Davis, and Place 3, Debbie Rushing, up for reelection. On the Hawkins School Board, the positions of Blake Warren and Sam Hollingsworth are up for reelection.


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