Flowers hopes to blossom in new role


With nearly 22 years of experience with the United States Postal Service, Lindale resident Jeff Flowers was named as Mineola’s new postmaster in mid-April.

Flowers, 45, who grew up in Tyler spent four years in the Navy from 1992 to 1996 in California before moving to Dallas where he began his career with USPS in nightly mail delivery for various airlines at DFW airport.

After working for USPS for four years between Dallas and Tyler, Flowers moved into management in 2004 where he served as a supervisor at the Tyler Post Office. He first became a postmaster in Alba before transferring to Emory. He then came to serve as postmaster in Mineola this spring.

The specific duties of a postmaster according to, include operations, administration, and management. Postmasters also train postal employees, handle customer transactions, sell postage, money orders and collect post office box rent. They perform mail processing and explain post office regulations to customers.

Flowers says his main goals going forward in Mineola are to keep up the work efficiency of service and delivery at the post office as well as keeping all 23 employees safe while at work.

Flowers also said his biggest influencers who helped him earn his postmaster position were former Mineola Postmaster Mark Page and Tyler post office manager Fred Arrambidez who both were his former supervisors.

“Both men encouraged me to get into management and were great examples of how to do my job to the best of my ability,” Flowers said.


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