Friday night lights



Union Grove 12, Alba-Golden 8

Queen City 65, Quitman 13

Mineola  36, West Rusk 14

Previous updates:

First half scores:

Mineola and West Rusk tied 7-7

Quitman trails Queen City 20-0

Quitman gets on the board, now 20-6

Union Grove takes a 6-0 lead over Alba-Golden

Queen City scores again and Quitman answers, now 26-13

Still first half, Queen City 34, Quitman 13

Halftime Union Grove 6, Alba-Golden 0

Mineola and West Rusk tied at the half 7-7

Halftime in Quitman and the Bulldogs trail 34-13

Mineola takes the lead 14-7 in the third quarter over West Rusk

Thirteen seconds later the Yellowjackets take a fumble in for the score to lead 21-7

Quuen City stretches its lead to 40-13 over Quitman

Mineola extends the lead to 27-7 over West Rusk.

Alba-Golden trails Union Grove 12-0

Queen City pulling away from Quitman 46-13

Early 4th quarter Queen City leads Quitman 52-13

Mineola pulling away from West Rusk 34-7 with 6:59 left in the game

Queen City 58, Quitman 13

West Rusk scores quickly, cuts the Mineola lead to 34-14 with 6:09 to play.

Queen City 65, Quitman 13

Mineola adds a safety for a 36-14 lead over West Rusk

Union Grove holds off Alba-Golden 12-8