Hawkins’ win streak continues with 26-2 rout of Cross Roads


In the third district game of the season the 2-6 (2-1) Hawkins Hawks, won over the 0-8, 0-3 Cross Roads Bobcats, 26-2 for their first road win of the season. It was a cold evening just south of Malakoff, but the Hawks heated things up early with two scores in the first quarter.

Cross Roads had trouble all night mounting any sustained drives, and the Hawks took advantage. The Hawks scored twice in the first quarter, once in the second and again in the fourth. The Bobcats only managed a two-point safety off an intercepted pass in the end zone that was intended for a two-point conversion. This was after the Hawks scored their fourth touchdown and ran it 101 yards to the opposite end of the field for the safety with less than two minutes left in the game.

After scoring twice in the first quarter, the Hawks converted a fourth and 11 in the second quarter, on a pass from Tristian Garrett to Camron Taylor, to keep their drive alive. They scored their third touchdown on fourth and goal from the Bobcat’s 1-yard line to push their score to 20 with Akim Richmond as the ball carrier.

On the Bobcat’s next drive, they only went backwards until they had to punt the ball. When the punted ball went high in the night sky, a Hawks defender lost sight of the ball and it landed square on top of his helmet bouncing straight up in the air. The Bobcats caught it before it hit the ground and they had a fresh set of downs at the Hawk’s 36-yard line. What was a first and 10 with some momentum ended with a fourth and 29 and a punt.

The Bobcats woes continued in the third quarter after returning a Hawks’ fumble 70 yards to the Hawks 4-yard line. They had a first and goal from the 4, then a second and goal from the 4, then a third and goal from the 18, and then they threw an interception. The Hawks also had some mistakes too but they overcame their mistakes and scored a final touchdown late in the fourth on a four-yard run by Kedron Brown.

The Hawks play the 7-1, 3-0 Big Sandy Wildcats next at home on Friday at 7:30 p.m. for their fourth district game of the season.


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