Health protocols for primary runoff election


The following are the minimum recommended health protocols that will be in place for the primary runoff election in Wood County.

Individuals are encouraged to adopt additional protocols consistent with their specific needs and circumstances to help protect the health and safety of all poll workers and voters.

Recommended Health protocols for voters: 

1) Wear a face covering (over nose and mouth). However, if a poll worker needs to verify identity of the voter, they will ask for the mask to be removed and then replaced for the duration of the voting process. 

2) Wash or disinfect hands upon entering and exiting the voting area along with practicing cough etiquette, cleanliness and sanitation. 

3) Maintain at least six feet of physical distance between any others where possible.

4) Bring your own pen to sign your name or fill out any documents at check-in. 

5) Individuals aged 65 and older should stay at home and consider submitting an Application for a Ballot by Mail (deadline of July 2). 

6) Self-screen before going to the polling place. Voters who exhibit any CDC listed symptoms associated with COVID-19 may want to consider utilizing curbside voting at the polling place, to the extent they meet the eligibility requirements. 

Recommended Health protocols for poll workers: 

1) Face shields, gloves, and masks will be provided to the poll workers. 

2) Consistent disinfecting of items that come in contact with voters such as check-in tables, writing utensils, voting system equipment, chairs, handrails and doors leading in and out of the polling place. 

3) Workers will be trained on appropriate cleaning and disinfection protocols, hand hygiene and cough etiquette. 

4) Poll workers will self-screen for any CDC listed symptoms before entering the polling place. 

5) To the extent feasible, maintain at least six feet between others at the polling location. 

6) Arrange polling place and marking the floor with masking tape to allow voters to maintain at least six feet separation from other voters. 

Voting by Mail:   A voter is eligible to vote early by mail if they are a registered voter who is:

• 65 years of age or older on election day;

• Expects to be out of the county during the days and hours that voting is conducted during early voting in person and on election day (Must provide an out of county address including the beginning and the ending date of receiving mail at this address. This application is only good for one election and runoff.)

• Has a disability, defined as a sickness or physical condition that prevents the voter from voting in person without a likelihood of needing personal assistance or injury to the voter’s health;

• Confined in jail, but eligible to vote. 1) serving a misdemeanor sentence and will not be released prior to election day, 2) pending trial or an appeal of a conviction after denial of bail or without bail, or where release on bail before election day is unlikely. (This application is only good for one election and runoff.)

To vote by mail, you must first apply for a ballot. Call the office if you need an application mailed to you and the application is also located on the website. Application for ballot by mail must be received no later than close of business on Thursday, July 2, 2020.

Absentee Application for ballot by mail shall be mailed to: 

Wood County Voter Registrar, P.O. Box 970, Quitman, TX 75783   

OR faxed to 903-763-2401 

OR email a scanned copy of signed application to

(If faxed or emailed, the Election Office must receive original application within four days)

Individuals aged 65 or older are at a higher risk of COVID-19. These individuals should stay at home as much as possible. Such individuals may consider submitting an Application for a Ballot by Mail to the elections office so that they can receive a blank ballot and then return their voted ballot by mail.

However, if a voter contracts COVID-19 (or other sickness or physical condition that prevents the voter from appearing at the polling place on election day without a likelihood of needing personal assistance or of injuring the voter’s health) after the deadline to submit an application for a ballot by mail, the voter should contact the elections office for more details about submitting an Application for Emergency Early Voting Ballot Due to Sickness or Physical Disability.

For more questions, please call the elections office at 903-763-2400 or email