I have met so many caring people in Mineola


I have met so many caring people in Mineola. My car would not start. Thank you Cody, Russell, Rhonda, Johnnie, other employees at Brookshire’s, and Bo at Byford Automotive. 

Not only was Rhonda suggesting ideas to help, Cody tried to get my car started. Then Russell said Rhonda could run me to Walmart to get a new battery. I was amazed as I watched and listened to them.

We all learned something new. When the new battery didn’t solve the problem, Rhonda and Russell suggested I call Bo, a mechanic at Byford Automotive. I was expecting a costly tow and repair. 

After describing the problem to him, he asked if I was trying to start it with my remote. I told him I was using a duplicate key because I couldn’t find the remote.

He told me I didn’t need a tow or mechanic. I needed to find the remote. The blinking light on the dash was security protecting it from theft. My car would not start without the remote I had locked it up with.

I searched and searched, and finally found it in a plastic clipboard. I had never put it there before. I turned the key in the ignition and my car started!

I will always remember all of you. Again, I have met so many caring people in Mineola. You truly are a wonderful community.

Karen Charter