Inaugural Boy Scout court of honor held in Quitman


The inaugural Wood County Boy Scout Court of Honor was held at Carroll Green Civic Center in Quitman Jan. 27.

After a call to order by Richard Hasting and the presentation of colors, Wayne Collins, Mineola, was awarded a special honor by Daniel Alexander, chief operating officer of the East Texas Area Council. Collins was honored for his lifetime of service to the Boy Scouts.

Collins spoke of joining the Scouts. “Most of my friends were older and they were already in the Scouts. I always wanted to be a Scout and finally got in. The Scouts were Troop 385 and they met at First Methodist Church of Mineola. We were Circle 10 and our camp was Camp Wisdom in Dallas,” Collins said. “There are two things you learn early in Scouting. It’s all about teamwork and somebody’s got your back. You also learn leadership and those things stay with you the rest of your life.”

Armstrong talked to the gathering about Boy Scouts. “I look around this room and I see law enforcement, educators and parents. I can see enthusiasm and I can see Scouts. When you put on this Scouting uniform it means, I stand for something,” Armstrong noted. “People think we are a camping club. A lot of times they don’t know what all we do. The best things in Scouting can happen in a church basement or 10 miles deep in the woods. Scouting is history and Scouting is also the future.”

Wood County Sheriff Tom Castloo was a guest speaker at the event. “My dad was a Scout leader in Mineola. I was the assistant scoutmaster of Troop 385. We trained for a 50-mile backpack trip which started in Oklahoma and ended in Arkansas,” Castloo observed. “We left with 12 kids and came back with 11 young men. One didn’t make it because he found a slick rock with his forehead and was not able to make it. Those young men learned a lot about life on the trip. Scouting is a life experience. “

Merit badges were given by Brown from Troop 36 to Austin Brown for plumbing; Hunter Huggins, Family Life, Plumbing, Personal Management; Orion Rogers, Electricity and Electronics; Zane Harris, Basketry, Leatherwork and Welding; Jacob King, Textile; Logan White, Pulp and Paper and Samuel Hurley Person fitness.

Each Boy Scout and Cub Scout in attendance received an inaugural Wood County Honor Court patch for being in attendance.


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