Inside and Outside the Picket Fence

Quitman Arboretum and Botanical Gardens


With the arrival of the tornado season we at the arboretum would like to extend our sympathy and support to those friends and neighbors who suffered loss. A few dear master gardener friends are now dealing with extensive damage to grounds and structures that have been carefully tended and cared for over the years. I admire their strength and resiliency as they begin to clean up and start again.

Many thanks to our guests who attended the Mother’s Day Brunch. We like to think that we cook as well as we garden, and repeat guests seem to echo that sentiment. For those who have recently toured the gardens many renovations and additions are underway. The barn door has been added to our new structure. Suggestions about the color to paint this door have been circulating. My choice is bright red. Alas, just one vote among many. We will see what my fellow gardeners decide on. Any ideas? Come on by next Wednesday and throw your two cents in.

I was proud to take a couple of visitors on a brief tour of the Stinson House last week. What pleased me the most were the many happy memories they had as they spotted items that their mother and father had used in another generation. A straight razor for daily shaving, delicate yet functional eyeglasses, and the shape of a bedroom mirror all seemed to please our guests. I suppose that evoking childhood memories is a selling point for the restoration and public access to another time that is held dear.

With a lot of help from recently graduated Wood County Master Gardeners, friends and neighbors, Lin Grado and her crew continue to plan, plant, weed, mulch and dead-head blooms. Could we use your help in this community project? By all means. See you on any Wednesday. The coffee is on.


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