Inside and Outside the Picket Fence

Quitman Arboretum and Botanical Gardens


It is difficult to write an article for “the day after” the event. I will attempt to do so anyway.

If you were with us for the Fourth of July Celebration, 2017 I hope you participated in the Apple Pie Contest, won a prize for your pet with the best 4th of July themed costume, browsed the genealogy display, saw the various layers of dress on display for a woman during the late 1700s, watched the quilters at the quilting exhibit and just had the opportunity to “hang out” and salute our nation’s flag while joining us in the Star Bangled Banner. If you missed any or all of this – please join us next year!

I would like to take a moment to thank the Glowing Heart Ministries for once again sharing their summer campers’ time and muscle. For the last few years these students from middle school and high school have spent a few afternoons with us at the arboretum. One does not realize how the encroachment of age slows down one’s efforts in the garden until surrounded by those of another generation with endless enthusiasm. Mulch was moved and spread, pine straw was removed, and many brush piles were collected and stacked for removal. The Quitman Arboretum and Botanical Garden is strictly a volunteer organization. Outside assistance is ALWAYS appreciated!

FYI: The annual yard sale will be held this year on Sept. 23. Mark those calendars and clean out that garage. We can receive items at the arboretum any Wednesday morning . . . or if you make a sad face, we just may pick up your give-away “stuff.” See you soon. The coffee is on.


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