Inside and Outside the Picket Fence

Quitman Arboretum and Botanical Gardens


With the official coming and going of Halloween, we can take a breath at the arboretum, watch the leaves fall, contemplate new flowerbeds, and plan for the upcoming holidays. Halloween night found a great turnout at Hogg Park. Food and games, along with palm reading and contests all added to the entertainment of those who attended. I must admit there were a few of us who constantly kept an eye on the sky for impending rain.

The attic at the Stinson House has been officially opened and the Christmas decorations are being perused. To be honest with you, we have enough decorations for two houses, with a few left over. It is always fun to go through the boxes of donated, collected and “found” ornaments. A few ladders were set up and a bit of ho-ho-ho was dispersed. I don’t even have my Thanksgiving turkey, and I am already into the holiday spirit. To give you a heads-up, there will be the annual Open House on Dec. 12. Our friends and neighbors are invited to join us for some light refreshments and seasonal music inside the Historic Stinson House. More details about this later.

Plans have begun for the installation of a “hog fence” to keep our invasive wildlife at bay. We have high hopes that this will keep them “out of our hair,” and out of the gardens. We would enjoy your company any Wednesday. Come with a smile and we promise to keep you busy inside and outside the picket fence.


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