Inside and Outside the Picket Fence

Quitman Arboretum and Botanical Gardens


It is cold, it is dreary, and I am shivering. When these are the first thoughts to go through my mind on a Wednesday morning, which happens to be a workday for me at the Quitman Arboretum and Botanical Garden, I look to the inside of the Stinson House for work that needs to be done. Attic, did someone mention the attic? This is one of those mixed -blessing events that has its up and downs, no play on words. There are many steps to be traversed as one makes his or her way from the first floor to the upstairs and the attic.

Pretend you are walking with me on this journey. Up the stairs, pass through the open space of the second-floor landing, open the door and enter the office. Here you will find windows letting in a lot of natural light. This light allows me to view all the empty containers that have held the Christmas decorations we used to decorate the house this holiday season. Whoa! And the games begin. Empty containers moved downstairs are filled with decorations and moved upstairs. Many up and down trips. Later we worker bees notice all the containers in the attic space beyond the office and we decide to sort through these and see what needs to remain and what can be repurposed. Oh my.

Now we enter the final phase of this adventure. Preparations are made to clean up the attic space before we replace the boxes of decorations we will keep for yet another holiday season. “Clean” involves wearing a mask to protect one’s aging sinus cavities from dust and debris as every square inch of the attic will be swept. Achoo!

I cannot wait for the first signs of spring. I will spend my Wednesday workdays planning and planting gardens, and the memories of boxes bulging with decorations will be fading. If you’re interested in a good time, join us any Wednesday (the coffee is on) and don’t forget to check out a new series of classes, Nature U., on our Facebook page. The first class will be held on Saturday.


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