Inside and Outside the Picket Fence

Quitman Arboretum and Botanical Gardens


Spring has officially sprung! Not really, just kidding. However, Mother Nature has sent some of the most beautiful spring blooms I have ever seen at the Arboretum. The tulip tree and the flowering quince are soaking up the sunlight and the gerber daisies along the path to the front steps are full of buds.

The next class for our highly successful Nature U will be held on Saturday. This class will help with identification of invasive native species and includes lunch in the registration fee. More information may be found on our website In addition, we will be offering a Wednesday morning mini session, free to those who attend, that will cover hay bale gardening. Once again visit the website page for time and date.

A load of antique brick has been picked up with the kind permission of the owner. These beauties are waiting to be repurposed from a chimney to a garden area. I do hope the new owners of the house that sat at the corner of Main and Lane for so long have a new chimney in the plans for this “transplanted” Quitman landmark.

A lot of work has taken place inside the picket fence. The inside of the Historic Stinson House has been the site of extensive spring cleaning. The floors have been swept, fresh curtains hung, door hinges and banisters repaired, pantry rearranged, and the furniture has been dusted and rearranged. We do hope you will have the opportunity to visit us at the back of Hogg Park soon. The house is open on Wednesday mornings, and the hog ravaged gardens are about to be reworked. Please join us as the gardens each take their turn in delighting us. Thank you to our volunteers for all they have done and continue to do. We hope to see you soon. The coffee is on.


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