Inside and Outside the Picket Fence


The piles of brush and leaves continue to grow as we ready the gardens for their spring debut. Unfortunately, the feral hogs were not notified of this grand annual event. Under the leaves and brush are the hearty remains of many perennials that have weathered the ups and downs of typical Wood County winter weather.

Welcome back to the beauty of the delphiniums. Their feathery foliage fools us into thinking this is a dainty little cottage garden specimen. Cottage garden yes, dainty, I don’t think so. The memorable blue color of the delphinium carries you back to a simpler time when cottage gardens were counted on to come back year after year with little or no fuss.

It will be interesting, as this “season” continues, to see which of our many plantings have been able to withstand the rough conditions they have been exposed to throughout the past year.

The annual Spring Plant Sale is gathering steam as the daily plant deliveries multiply. Colorful flats of annuals alongside hearty perennials await this year’s shoppers. Knowledgeable gardeners will be on hand to assist you with your selections. Don’t pass up a “membership” in the Friends of the Arboretum for a discount on your purchases. It will be valid for a year and will assist with the replanting of the damaged beds and borders.

If you have any interest in finding out more about Keyhole Gardening, keep Wednesday, April 18 free on your calendar. Join us on the north side of the George Bridge as one of these unique gardens is being constructed and then plan on coming back to visit and watch this project evolve. As you already know, join us on any Wednesday. The company is great, the coffee is good, and we will be tickled to see you.


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