Inside and Outside the Picket Fence

Quitman Arboretum and Botanical Gardens


Welcome winter? This event is not official until Dec. 21. Those of us who live in Northeast Texas have learned to be patient and flexible when it comes to fall and winter temperatures. By the time you read this article you will be thinking about turkey and other seasonal delights. The volunteers at the Quitman Arboretum are focused on “winterizing.”

Winterizing in the gardens involves preparing your plant materials to withstand freezing temperatures as well as a few surprise balmy days. One of our warm weather favorites at the Arboretum is the plumeria. Our plumeria has grown quite large thanks to proper handling and loving care. This year it was too large to pot and move indoors. Pruning the plant supplied us with enough cuttings to root and store at safe temperatures during the winter months. You would be surprised at how many of your summer and fall favorites can be the source of cuttings that will root and winter over in your house or garage.

Inside the Stinson house, the boxes of Christmas ornaments have found their way downstairs and are being organized for the annual December decorating. What … you are decorating before Thanksgiving? I am afraid so. Santa’s helpers are out in full force. Please feel to join us on any Wednesday. Time marches on and so do the elves. We are up to our boot tops in “Ho, ho, ho.” The coffee is on.


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