Inside and Outside the Picket Fence


Eeek! A bug! No worries. The Friends of the Wood County Arboretum are ready to help calm your fears and educate you by presenting a Nature U program called Insect Friends and Foes by Allen Smith.

As a learned representative of the Texas A&M Forest Service, he will present a program helping us understand those many critters, bugs, insects, etc. that we may encounter in our gardening pursuits. You may make a reservation for this class at so you can join us on Saturday, May 18 from 9-11 a.m. Put those eeks! in your back pocket.

If you are looking for a peaceful walk, try journeying across the George Bridge at Hogg Park. The trails through the woods are full of spring growth, songbirds, and a view of the Fountain Garden that is now under renovation. Start at the bridge and continue around to the Pergola Garden. This will bring you back to the Stinson House. The roses are waiting.

Remember, if it is Wednesday, the coffee is on.