Inside and Outside the Picket Fence


The grounds may be a bit on the “squishy” side so wear your walking shoes, no open toes this week, as you admire the beautiful blooms and rapid growth that many of the Arboretums plants are now experiencing.

Watch for the magnificent blooms on the hardy hibiscus to appear. These are picture worthy and could be a nice addition to your home garden. With the proper growing conditions, these perennials will reappear to add their beauty each growing season. There are several varieties of hibiscus available at local nurseries. Perennials are a onetime purchase that can reward the gardener with many years of bloom and beauty.

If you attended the last Nature U. presentation for this calendar year, Allen Smith entertained and educated you on Friends and Foes in the insect world. The last Creative U. presentation is scheduled for Saturday, June 22. Barb Williams will be instructing on the many ways one can customize their terracotta pots. As we did with our yard art class, let your imagination soar. Registration has begun for this session. See the Arboretum website for details at

If you are a long or short distance runner, make sure you circle July 20 on the calendar. The Ima Hogg Fun Run is scheduled for that date. You may begin your training, as I am about to do, at any time. I look forward to seeing you in the gardens. We are there every Wednesday, and the coffee is on.