Jackets Camp producing stronger, faster athletes


Just fewer than 100 Mineola Yellowjacket athletes have been participating in Jacket Camp at Meredith Memorial Stadium for the past two weeks and Athletic Director Luke Blackwell believes the work being put in this summer will pay dividends when the school year arrives.

Returning high school athletes from all sports including football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball and track lead the way along with middle school athletes who hope to join varsity sports as they move on to high school.

“The objective of Jacket Camp is to get kids involved in things during the summer. (Sports) aren’t like they were 20 or 30 years ago where you just take summers off. Our athletes have to be doing things to stay in shape all the time. Our ultimate goal is to help all our athletes get stronger, faster and more flexible,” Blackwell said.

Jacket camp is a non-sports specific camp that’s geared to improve Mineola athletes’ agility and overall athletic ability. The camp is run from Monday through Thursday from 8 to 10 a.m. It typically has two groups of girls and boys and each group spends an hour in the weight room, lifting weights and doing resistance exercises; and then an hour on the field, doing agility and conditioning drills.

“A lot of the drill work we do during the summer is stuff we don’t have a lot of time to do during the school year because our coaches are more focused on tea- related drills, with plays and game-plans. But during the summer the kids can just focus on becoming better individually and this is where we see the most growth in their athleticism is during these summer months,” Blackwell said.

Jacket camp will continue through the month of July as the last day of Jacket Camp will be Thursday July 26. However Jacket camp will be off July 2-8. All current, returning, or incoming Mineola athletes are encouraged to go and participate. Coaches from all sports teams at Mineola will be in attendance over the next month. For more information contact Luke Blackwell at blackwelll@mineolaisd.net or call the athletic office.


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