James donates unclaimed funds to Mineola police


Mineola businessman Lee James presented a $756 donation to the Mineola Police Dept. during the Oct. 28 city council meeting.

The money wound up in the state’s unclaimed funds after the Mineola neighborhood crime watch program went inactive several years ago.

James said the money is in honor of the community’s unsung heroes, like retired police officer Jack Newman and neighborhood activists Jewel Horton and Lou Werneburg.

The three were instrumental in neighborhood watch and crime prevention programs, James said.

James recounted the steps he had to go through to get the money sent back to Mineola after it went into the unclaimed accounts when the bank where it was deposited changed hands.

It took two and a half years, James said, including tracking down the organization’s final tax return.

He said he wanted to ensure that the funds benefit Mineola police.

“I’d like to honor Capt. Jack Newman…for his dedicated efforts to help curbing crime and supporting neighborhoods in organizing against crime,” James said.

“Lou Werneburg and Jewel Horton, both deceased, worked toward crime prevention in our neighborhoods and organized against crime in both our city and county.”