Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report

March 17 April 1


It was a breezy week here a Lake Fork. The water temperatures are warming up to 75 in the north part of the lake and in the lower 70s on the south end. The water clarity continues to get better and the site fishing anglers are seeing many bass beds. With that being said, we still were catching bass with the Zoom watermelon Flukes on a split shot rig and the Zoom chartreuse/pumpkin trick worm rigged wacky style with a nail in the head. Several small bass are being caught on Strike Kings 1.5 Square Bill crankbaits, which signals there are many bass that are post-spawn already. The key to either the fluke technique or the wacky technique is fishing it slow. Just do not go down the bank trying cover a lot of water very quickly. Slow down and pick apart the structure and fish it slowly.

The white bass are still in the creeks and being caught on minnows and crappie jigs. Look for them in 4 to 6 feet of water on creek points and humps. Where you find one you will find several.

The crappie anglers are still having fun in the shallow water. It was noted that some of the crappie are moving back out to the 10 to 11 foot water depth. A lot of crappie this week were caught on chartreuse and white crappie jigs. If you are fishing in the back of creeks where the water is still stained, you might want to use a black and chartreuse jig. Minnows are always an option.

No report on catfish this week.

The bass spawn is still in full swing. Be safe this week and make sure you wear that life vest if the big motor is running. The life you save might be your own!


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