Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report

(October 9-15)


It was another beautiful week here at Lake Fork. The weather was still warm; therefore, the water temperatures did not change this week. The water temperatures were 82 to 85 degrees most of the week. The water clarity is still stained in most of the lake except down in the lower end by the damn.

The bass fishing was fare this week. Several fishing techniques were being used to catch bass all the way from jigs to wacky worms. The drop shot rig seemed to be a big a popular way to catch the better numbers of fish. We used the Zoom green pumpkin and tomato finesse worms on the drop shot rig. We continued to use the Zoom watermelon candy red trick worm on our wacky set up in the hydrilla.

Now for those who are fishing the Berkley tournament this coming weekend, the Havoc watermelon red and watermelon candy Bottom Hopper works great on your wacky rig. Do not forget to put a nail in the head of either the Zoom Trick worm or the Havoc Bottom Hopper and dye the tails chartreuse.

For the jig anglers, the black and blue and blue gill colors were the best producers. We used the 3/4 ounce Santone jigs in 18 to 20 foot of water on creek bends and isolated brush piles.

The white bass are still scattered out all over the lake. For the best success look for them off main lake points in 28 to 30 foot of water. Minnows are the best way to catch them.

The crappie fishing was really good again this week. Minnows were the most popular way to catch them; however, the Bubba’s Bait white with orange tail 1/8 ounce crappie jig caught bigger crappies. The bite was light so you had to pay attention to the line. Look for them in 20 to 24 foot of water on isolated brush piles.

No catfish report this week.

The Berkley tournament is this week. Have a safe fishing week.


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