Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report


Happy holidays everyone. This article today is about cold water fishing here at Lake Fork. The water temperature is 54 degrees and the water clarity is lightly stained.

This week was the time to bring out the jig and Joe Spaits flutter spoon. When the water temperature gets below 60 degrees, I switch trailers on my jigs from plastic to pork rind. The fish will hold on to the jig longer and it feels more natural to them.

I get the question all of the time, what color is the best here at Lake Fork. I use a black and blue jig most of the time. When the water clears up, I switch and use a green pumpkin or a bluegill color jig. On the subject of the Joe Spaits flutter spoon, I use nothing but the five-inch chrome with chartreus scale pattern on the back spoon this time of year. The secret of this flutter spoon is keeping it as close to the bottom as along as possible. The way to do that is make a very long cast and give it plenty of time to flutter down to the bottom. In either method, either the spoon or jig, you have to really slow down in the colder water. You will love the results!

The crappie fishing started to slow down, however the crappies we caught were huge. The white with orange tail Bubba’s Bait 1/8 ounce jig tipped with a minnow worked the best.

As the year closes, we have to reflect on another great fishing year here at beautiful Lake Fork. It is also time to get all of your equipment out of your boat and clean reels, put new line on them, go through your tackle boxes and sharpen all of your hooks, always something to do.

Everyone have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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