Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report (Feb. 5-11)


It was great to back to work here at beautiful Lake Fork, Texas It has been a very cold start to the year with water temperatures still in the lower 50s and the water clarity is really good.

The bass fishing is fair using black and blue jigs, chartreuse and white chatter baits and Rayburn red rattle traps. This week our fish were caught in 5 to 12 feet of water. No matter what bait you choose make sure you run or move it very slowly. On our Black and Blue jigs, we used the NetBait black/blue PACA Craw as a trailer. Cut about an inch off of the tail of the PACA Craw then thread it onto the hook of the jig. Works great!

On the chatter bait, we used a Smash-Tech Custom Baits 3 and 1/2 Smash Tail Jr. as a trailer. It gives the chatter bait great vibration and moves a lot of water.

The crappie fishing was good this week. The crappie are stacked up around the bridges. Bubba’s Baits 1/8 ounce white with an orange tail crappie jig is still working well. When the crappies stop biting the jig, tip it with a minnow. Works every time!

The white bass are in one of two places. They are either in 40 foot of water or around the bridges with the crappie. Take your time and you will find some good white bass in both places. Bubba’s Bait Crappie jigs work the best.

The catfish fishermen are also having success this spring. Look for them in 18 to 24 foot of water over isolated brush pile and old trees. Cut bait work the best this week.

The bass spawn is just around the corner. Stay warm fishing this week.


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