Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report

(April 29 - May 5)


It was a great fishing week here at Lake Fork. The water temperatures are back in the upper 60s to lower 70s. The water clarity was really starting to clear up until we got two inches of rain Thursday and Friday. Now it is heavily stained in the creeks and the main lake has a slight stain to it.

The bass fishing was good all week to spite the rain. More and more bass are being caught on a Carolina rigs and small crankbaits. We used the watermelon / candy-red Buddy’s Custom Baits Boss Hog on our Carolina rig all week and dyed the tails of the Boss Hog chartreuse. For our little crankbait bite, we used the good ‘ole Strike King KVD 1.5 in the Sexy Shad color. Fish it erratically for the best results. With all that being said, when fishing got slow we went the Buddy’s Custom Baits Stick O bait rigged wacky style. The two best colors were watermelon red and watermelon / candy-red. Do not forget to put a nail in the head and dye the tail chartreuse. For best results, fish the Stick O bait in the heavy Hydrilla.

The crappie fishing was still good this week. The crappie spawn is just about over with and they are starting to transition back to the 16 to 20 foot depths and suspend over brush piles. Minnows were still the bait of choice this week.

The white bass are in 14 to 18 foot of water over brush piles. The best bait to use for the white bass is Joe Spaits Flashtail 1/2 –ounce jigging spoon. This week the white with black back pattern worked the best.

The catfish are moving in to spawn and can be caught on the good ‘ole minnow rig. Look for them in 2 to 6 foot of water. Have fun anglers.

Have a great fishing week and be courteous to your fellow anglers.


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