Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report

(May 6-12)



It is getting warm here at beautiful Lake Fork. The water temperatures are in the mid to upper 70s. The water clarity is still stained in the upper creeks and clearing up in the main lake.

The bass fishing just gets better every day. The Carolina rig was the best way to catch them this week. The best water depth to catch the bass was 8 to 18 foot of water. We used the watermelon/candy/red Buddy’s Custom Baits Boss Hog and dyed the tails chartreuse.

Let us talk about the differences between the Zoom Baby Brush Hog and Buddy’s Custom Baits Boss Hog. The big difference is four ribs in the middle of the body of the bait. What the four ribs do is “move more disturbed water over the aft portion of the bait creates bubbles when the bait is moved.” That little difference in the bait makes all the differences when the bass bite is slow. The other way we caught some really nice bass is by using Buddy’s Custom Baits Stick O. We continue rig the bait wacky style and put a nail in the head. It works really well around the Duck weed and Hydrilla. By the way anglers, it is time to get out your Texas rig. You might check out Buddy’s Custom Baits rib worm. The action of the tail is fantastic!

The crappie fishing slowed down this week. You had to work hard for a good limit of fish before lunch. The best way we found to catch them with a chartreuse and white crappie jig in 14 to 18 foot over brush piles. When the crappie fishing gets tough, tip the crappie jig with a minnow.

The bad thing about fishing over the brush piles in 14 to 18 foot of water is the white bass are there also. You can catch them until your arm hurts. Have fun!

The catfish anglers are starting to have a lot of fun. You can find the catfish in 3 to 6 foot spawning. Minnows were still the bait of choice this week.

Have a safe fishing week.


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