Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report


It was a beautiful week to fish Lake Fork. With the warm weather, the water temperatures raised to the upper 80s. The water clarity has not changed much this week. It is still stained over the most part of the lake. The good thing this week is they shut the floodgates and the bass got more active and feeding regularly.

The three major patterns this week was the Carolina rig, wacky rig and the Texas rig. On the Carolina rig, we used Buddy’s Custom Baits watermelon/candy/red Boss Hog in 18 to 22 feet of water on isolated brush piles in creeks. We threw the Carolina rig well past the pile and drug the rig up over the brush pile. Move the Carolina rig very slowly. Note: dye the tails of the Boss Hog chartreuse. The wacky rig was the best producer as far as number of bass caught. We used a Zoom chartreuse/pumpkin trick worm with a nail in the head on the wacky rig and fished it in the duck week and Hydrilla. We had a lot of fun this week fishing the lily pads this with a Texas rigged Buddy’s Custom baits watermelon/candy red Stick “O” bait. We used a green 3/16-ounce South Bend sinker, a 4/0 Eagle Claw LO45 worm hook, and dyed the tail chartreuse of the tail of the Stick “O” bait to make up our killer Texas rig for the lily pads.

The crappie fishing was good this week. Bubba’s Bait chartreuse 1/8 ounce Crappie jig tipped with a minnow worked the best. The crappie anglers that were fishing the bridges were having trouble with the bass this week. The best way to catch the crappie is over the isolated brush piles in 22 feet of water.

With the large schools of shad in the lake, the white bass are moving up in to the creek flats in the early morning hours and late evening hours to feed very aggressively. A gizzard shad colored Strike King KVD 1.5 works well to catch the white bass under these conditions.

The catfish anglers were also having fun this week. Punch bait was on top of the Catfish’s menu. Look for them in 18 to 24 feet of water around old baited trees and on top of isolated brush piles.

On our equipment list week is our Ranger Z520c bass boat from Nichols Marine in Longview, powered a Mercury 250 Pro XS, Duckett rods, ABU Garcia reels, Buddy’s Custom Baits from here at Lake Fork, Bubba’s Bait Crappie Jiggs, Strike King hard baits, Eagle Claw Hooks and Stren line.

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