Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report (Aug. 21-27)


This week was just a little different experience from where we are normally in August here at Lake Fork. The Lake is at full pool, water temperatures were still in the lower 90s and the water clarity was stained.

We experienced falling barometric pressures due to hurricane Harvey that made the bass fishing fair to good. It still was the Joe Spaits flutter spoon show this week. We did change the color of spoons from the chrome with chartreuse scales to chrome with silver scales but stayed with the 5-inch flutter spoon. It put a nice 9-pound 8-ounce bass in the boat along with several 4-, 5-, and 7-pound bass.

The best water depth to fish the Joe Spaits spoon is 18 to 24 foot. When we moved into the shallow water early in the morning we used the zoom chartreuse/pumpkin trick worm, rigged wacky style. Make sure you put a nail in the head!

The white bass were going crazy again this week. We continued to us Joe Spaits chrome with silver scales 5-inch flutter spoon. The white bass were chasing shad up on 14- to 18-foot flats off major creek bends. Make sure you keep the spoon close to the bottom in the strike zone.

The crappie fishing was good this week. Minnows were the bait of choice this week for the crappie anglers. With the wind being out of the east this week the crappie anglers had better luck in 22 to 24 foot of water over brush piles and around isolated stumps.

The catfish fishing was good this week. Large trees in 20 foot of water were the best places it find and catch them. Raspberry Jell-O bait really worked the best. Do not forget to bait the trees the day before!

The Sealy Big Bass Splash and the Berkley Bass Tournaments are just around the corner. Have a safe fishing week.


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