Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report (Feb. 25 - March 1)


It was a slow fishing week here at Lake Fork this week, with high muddy water over most of the lake. The water temperatures did come up to 59 to 63 degrees.

The bright point of the week was Jim LaBove caught a huge largemouth bass. It weighed 15.24 pounds. Great job Jim! He caught the bass on a black and blue jig. black and blue was the color of choice for the bass this week. We used black and blue Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Sticks and Zoom black with a blue tail 6-inch lizard. We caught several small fish on a Rayburn red rattletraps and chartreuse and white chatter baits.

One thing to note was that 99 percent of the fish we caught was by fishing slow in very muddy water.

The crappie fishing was also very slow. Most of them were caught on a standard minnow rig in 17 to 20 foot of water.

The white bass fishing was very good this week. They were caught on black and chartreuse crappie jigs, tipped with a minnow. Look for them in 19 to 20 foot of water around the main lake bridges.

No catfish report this week.

With the water temperatures coming up the Bass spawn in right around the corner. Have a safe fishing week.


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