Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report (Feb. 26 - March 5)


My season kicked off with some crazy weather this week but the fishing was really good.

A lot of high winds the first part of the week made the water clarity in the upper creeks really stained to muddy. The water temperatures ran from 59 degrees in the mornings to 63 to 65 degrees in the afternoons.

The week started with a really good 8-inch chartreuse/pumpkin lizard bite. We rigged the lizard with an Eagle Claw LO45 hook and a South Bend 3/16 ounce bullet weight. Make sure you match the bullet weight color to the color of lizard that you are using. However, about mid-week the bite changed to a great watermelon/red Zoom Super Fluke bite. We split-shot rigged the Fluke and dyed the tail chartreuse. It is noted that no matter which bait you used you had to fish it very very slowly.

The white bass are moving up the creeks, chasing the shad. The best way to catch them is with the good ole minnow rig using a 1/0 hook and a ¼ ounce split-shot.

You crappie anglers, I do not know what to tell you except “go shallow.” The crappies are moving into the shallow water to spawn, and can be caught on either black with chartreuse tailed crappie jigs or small minnows. Large amount of crappie limits were caught this week!

The catfish bite was slow this week. They also are moving into the shallow water getting ready to spawn. Minnows are a good way to catch them.

The bass spawn is here. Have a great fishing week and fish slowly.


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