Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report (July 10-16)



The only way to describe this week is hot! The water temperatures have hit 90 degrees and the water clarity is still stained.

The bass have moved into 20 to 24 foot of water and have suspended over isolated cover. The bite is slow. It was mostly a week for the Carolina rig. We used the Zoom watermelon candy Baby Brush Hog and dyed the tails chartreuse. The alternate bait for the Carolina rig was the Lake Fork Trophy Lures chartreuse pepper Ring Fry and chartreuse pepper Hyper Stick. The secret of working all three of these baits is moving them very slowly, the slower you move them the better the strike.

The white bass are still spread out throughout the lake. You can find them in 28 to 30 foot of water off main lake points. We used a chrome and chartreuse Joe Spaits Flutter Spoon. Make sure you keep the spoon down in the 28 to 30 foot strike zone.

The crappie fishing was fair this week. They were in 20 to 24 foot water located over isolated brush piles. We did notice more and more are showing up at the bridges. White with an orange tail Bubba’s Bait Crappie 1/8 ounce jig tipped with a minnow worked well.

The catfish bite was good this week. They are in 30 foot of water around isolated trees. Punch bait was at the top of the catfish’s menu this week. If you bait the tree the day before, it will pay off.

Yes, it is hot but the fish will still bite. Stay hydrated and have a safe fishing week.


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