Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report (June 26 - July 9)


July 3-9
It was a hot and rainy week here at Lake Fork. The water temperatures stayed in the upper 80s and the water clarity remained really stained in the upper creeks and stained in the lower ½ of the lake.
The bass fishing was still fair to good this week with most of the better fish coming out of 20 to 26 foot of water. The topwater bite was good from 5:30 to 07 in the morning using the bone colored #90 Lane2Sea Whopper Plopper.
When the topwater bite stopped, we moved into the deeper water and used a Carolina rig. The two baits of choice were the watermelon/red Zoom Baby Brush Hog and the Lake Fork Trophy chartreuse/pepper ring fry. Both worked well!
The secret to using both baits were to fish it as slow as you can.
The white bass were not very hungry this week. They were still spread out and not easy to locate. However, when we found them we were able to catch them on Joe Spaits chrome with red eyes Flashtail jigging spoon. Look for them in 33 foot of water around isolated cover.
The crappie went on strike this week. I blame the weather on the slow crappie bite. They are in 22 to 24 foot of water over brush piles and a few have started to head for the bridges. The white with orange tail Bubba’s Bait 1/8 ounce crappie jig worked the best. When the crappie got really hard to catch, we tipped the jig with a minnow.
Have a great fishing week and stay hydrated.

June 26-July 2
The bass fishing is slow to fair with many of the bass moving into the deeper water. The top water bite came back this week on main lake points from 5:30 to 7:30 in the mornings.
The Land2Sea #90 bone Whopper Plopper worked the best. After about 7:30 we moved out to 18 to 24 foot of water and used a Carolina rig. The Zoom watermelon/red Baby Brush Hog worked the best most of the day.
Don’t forget to dye the tails of the Brush Hog chartreuse.
When we were not using a Brush Hog, we used Lake Fork Trophy Lures chartreuse/pepper ringworm on the Carolina rig. Go to an Eagle Claw 4/0 wide gap hook while using the ring fry.
You cannot move the ringworm or the Brush Hog slow enough. Slow Down.
The white bass were still spread out. You had to work to catch the limit. The best bait to use is a chrome and chartreuse Joe Spaits flutter spoon. Make sure you keep that spoon close to the bottom and in the strike zone.
The crappie fishing, on the other hand, was on fire. The crappie were eating both minnows and crappie jigs. The best color crappie jig this week was the chartreuse/white Bubba’s Bait 1/8 ounce. We continue to find the crappie in 20 to 22 foot of water over isolated brush piles.
The catfish were like the bass this week, slow to fair. Look for them in 26 to 30 foot of water and use punch bait. Do not forget to bait the trees the day before.


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