Lake Fork Weekly Fishing Report (October 23-29)


Mother Nature threw us a curve ball this week! With the cold weather with north winds and falling temperatures, the bass should start their fall feeding pattern this week. The water temperatures have fallen to the lower 70s and the water clarity is still good despite the strong north winds this week. What all this means is the bass will start chasing shad, so the crankbait and the swim bait bite will really pick up.

I highly recommend you get out your Strike King XD6s, KVD 1.5s and start covering water in the creeks. The swim bait that we use is the Smash-Tech (tail) swimbait. I have found that the crystal shad and the olive shad colors works the best with a 4 or 5 ought swimbait hook. You can fish this swim bait over the grass and in shallow water. As the water cools off to the lower 60s do not forget the jig. Pay attention to the color of trailer you use on the jig. Use a little chartreuse somewhere on that jig preferably on the tips of the trailer.

Well, the white bass are starting to come up in the water column a little. We found them in 16 to 18 foot of water. They are still on the mail lake points and roadbeds. With the water cooling off this week, they should also be moving up the creeks. Joe Spaits Barr Fish pattern ½-ounce Flashtail spoon is working well.

The crappie anglers had a tough time this week with wind and trying to stay on brush piles. When the wind did let up the crappie anglers continued to catch good numbers of great crappie. The minnow rig was the best way to catch them this week in 22 to 24 foot of water.

No catfish report this week.

Fall fishing has arrived. Most of the large tournaments are over with and the fall fishing is really getting good.


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