Letter to the Editor


To the editor,

Mineola Community Bank’s lobby has been a showcase for local merchants since August of last year. Count Your Blessings Gift and Book Store has had the opportunity to show their merchandise during the month of April and May. We truly appreciate the opportunity to display to the community what we have to offer Wood County here in Mineola.

We also appreciate how Mineola Community Bank has promoted local businesses through ‘Shop Local’ signs in the area. The merchants truly appreciate their efforts in making Mineola a community with a caring heart.

In the last year, many downtown businesses have closed due to lack of business or retirement. Many new businesses have taken their places leaving very few vacant downtown buildings. The community is very proud of their thriving historic downtown, so please shop these local stores to keep the downtown area vibrant for the community and tourists coming through our town.

Gayle Fuller

Owner of Count Your Blessings


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