Letter to the editor


Dear editor,

Many thanks for the “Heroes Come to Clear Lakes” article in the May 10 edition of the Monitor. We were so pleased to read Larry Tucker’s writing about the veterans coming home wounded, and how by implication, it can be a long journey. It’s a fine piece of journalism.

The Heroes On The Water (HOW) organization is well presented, as is the good it does for wounded warriors. I hope every Wood County veteran read it.

A few sentences are appropriate to flesh out the record. The sponsor of the event was Mirror Lakes Association, LLC, an organization of homeowners on the New Wells Lake. My husband and I were coordinators. We learned about it when our sister lake, Siesta, hosted a HOW group in March 2016.

Our organization voted to host a similar event this year. It was a happy occurrence, involving the hard work of all the members. They worked to host and welcome, feed, water, supply and provision the Heroes. It was such a privilege and honor to have them here.

Special thanks go to the Mike Brown family at whose home we held the event. Mike’s house, deck and point of land on our lake were perfect, as was the ability of his wife and family to take care of over 50 people for a day of fun, fishing and community.

Again, our humble thanks to the Monitor. Best regards.


Carolyn Bova


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