Letter to the Editor


Dear editor,

The historic 2016 election result produced hope, protests, and fear and loathing.  Four months into President Trump’s presidency, the fears of many appear to be justified by the DOJ’s appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Now, Trump and his associates are under criminal investigation for possible illegalities such as collusion with a foreign enemy (during and after the election) and obstruction of justice. Forty-four years ago the Watergate investigation began, and there are similarities. The differences, however, make Russiagate much more serious. Giving “aid and comfort” to our enemy Putin raises treason issues. Nixon approved breaking into Democratic office files and then obstructed justice when he orchestrated a cover-up and fired the special prosecutor. Trump fired James Comey when the FBI director revealed the bureau’s Russia investigation.  

Even if no indictments result, Trump’s habitual lying and disregard for the norms and dictates of the presidency could lead to the political remedy of impeachment. Every American, regardless of political stance, wants our president to honor our constitution, obey our laws, and protect our democratic freedoms.  When he acts differently, we need to be informed with the facts that explain what went wrong and why removal from office is the result.

Bonnie Hardaway


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