Letter to the Editor


Dear editor,

Messages of appreciation are well on their way to becoming a lost art form.  I have had this conversation with members of my family and also many of my senior friends who are on fixed incomes. I have told my younger relatives, if I give you a gift and you do not acknowledge it, then it becomes a one-way relationship. Parents should be horrified, as we teeter at the edge of a cultural extinction of gratitude. I still have notes of gratitude that had a lasting impact when I was a nurse’s aid at Sherman Community Hospital over 50 years ago.  I suggest during this holiday season and going forward to remember to thank relatives and friends that took the time to get you a gift or just thank someone for a job well done. Send a text or email or better yet pick up your pen or crayon and jot down a few words. No agenda required, just the lasting pleasure of making someone’s day.

Beverly Chamberlin


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