Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor:

If you’d like to see how government works, look no further than the drivers license bureau as operated in Wood County. For days they had a sign in the door saying they were closed but would be open at 8 a.m., June 19th.

I was 13th in line 15 minutes before they were to open and it was longer by the time a very nice and polite lady from Tyler arrived to announce that she wouldn’t be renewing licenses but only giving drivers tests.

One lady in line said it was the fifth time she had been there for renewal.

“I’m sorry,” was the reply... but we could go to Tyler if we needed to get it done today, or “you can come back tomorrow,” she said.

This is ridiculous at so many levels. If the sheriff’s department can investigate murders, they can certainly handle the paperwork to renew a driver’s license. If the District Judge can throw you in jail, or the local police department do the same, surely they can deal with the limited paperwork it takes to renew a license.

If the state can’t get the job done, turn it over to someone who can.

In a world filled with serious matters, this is a mosquito bite on an elephant’s rear, but it would be so simple to handle properly.

The 40,000 or so Wood County inhabitants shouldn’t have to go to Tyler to get a license renewed, nor should they have to put up with a part-time office in Quitman.

Next time someone asks you for their vote to send them to Austin, ask them what they’ve done for you recently.

Gary Edwards

Holly Lake Ranch


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