Letter to the Editor



Letter to the Editor:

I was involved in some events that made me remember why there are so many reasons to be proud of living in East Texas. Saturday, October 25, I was working at the Quitman Pilot Club booth at the Sweet Potato Festival, selling raffle tickets. The ground was still so wet from all of the rain. As I was coming into Golden, I saw a truck backing out the grass on 779, so I pulled right in. Unfortunately, because my car is so small, I got stuck. I chose to go do my obligation and to worry about this when I was leaving. A friend’s husband came with me at the end of the event, we tried to lift the car over the clog of mud, with no success. No less than 2 minutes later, a man stopped and immediately helped us to remove my car. I chose to stop and watch my helper exit. Unfortunately, he was now stuck. We tried to remove his car with no success. Then another truck stopped and we had to use a chain and a lot of tugging to enable us to get my helper out. I thank both gentlemen for the assistance, and mostly for reminding me of the goodness of East Texas citizens and that good deeds are still a great way to deal with others.

Susan Resnik


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