Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor:

It takes a village. Thank you to the Citizens and City of Quitman for letting the Daughters of the American Revolution be a part of the restoration of the Honeymoon Cottage Museum.

There have been many in your community who have helped. Wayne McCluney leveled the building and built stair rails. Walter Lutonksy and his crew moved all the items stored from the cottage.

Jeff Hasket rewired the cottage and installed lights. Walter Lutonsky had the outside scraped of numerous coats of old paint and repainted. He was also responsible for getting a new A/C unit and the new outside lighting. The Piecemaker Hand-Quilter donated a vintage quilt. The Rotary donated funds to help. Barbara Coleman provided insight on the museum's past. Delene Allen had the vision for restoring the Honeymoon Cottage and Ima Hogg Museum. Delene has been working on the project for four years, two years prior to our involvement. She was instrumental in reinforcing the brick fireplaces, back porches, pest control, the installation of a new roof. She was involved with all the above projects while working with the City Council about the needs of the cottage. We appreciate the cooperative spirit of all those involved in restoring the Honeymoon Cottage Museum. You have a piece of Texas history in the Honeymoon Cottage Museum and Gov. Jim Hogg City Park. Our heritage is the key to our future.

Linda Haddock

Elizabeth Denton English NSDAR